Was Feb Fab?

Another month has gotten by us. It is time to update the calendar hanging by the fridge. It also means another new round of mortgage payments, car notes, and the utility bills. I AM STILL old school and  mail in some payments while others are deducted automatically by the mystery people who keep track of the internet. It also means MARCH MADNESS is here.

Many of you were mad long before now. Warren Beatty is mad. So is Faye. She used to be Dunaway but now she is known as DONE THAT AWAY OR the lady who killed LA LA LAND. I watched very little of that show but did see the screwed up ending. It's not like Hollywood hasn't put stinkers out there for quite some time.

Now, we can turn our attention to what really counts. College basketball and the eventual brackets we will fill out despite not seeing one game all season. It is a national ritual. It crosses all boundaries. Those in our land illegally will be asked to buy a square. They do it to fit in. I have done for every year I can remember, but like Warren, memory fades. He thought "Gone With The Wind" was the correct envelope.

The month started with the first ever OT in SB history. Houston handled the big show like champs. The Rockets rained 3's and have won more games than they did all last season. The Astros got new players and a new training facility. The Dynamo got new uniforms. OK, THE TEXANS still have Brock. You can't have everything.

Hello, March.