Start your engines, or maybe not

I see where viewers of NASCAR have fallen off 40 percent in just the last few years. Attendance is down 30 percent. Decals in pickups' back windows showing numbers like 14, 36, 24, etc. have also been on the decline. What the heck is going on?

The great American race is this Sunday and most great Americans don't care and won't watch. Perhaps you are just not into seeing the sport's biggest race START THE SEASON instead of mid-year or at the end of the racing schedule. Maybe your mobile home isn't quite ready for a run south. Perhaps the family dog or the young kids can't stand the noise.

I THINK the decline is because the NASCAR people are always toying with the rules and they think Danica Patrick is a race driver

I have always liked stock cars. I used to go with my mom and dad to the 3rd Street Speedway in my hometown. A quarter-mile dirt track that sported such notables as the LIGORI BROTHERS and BOB Tattersall. My favorite car was number B-29. The key to watching a dirt track race? Always roll up the windows in the parking lot.  The drivers used to cinch their belts around the doors to keep the doors from flying open. There were always wrecks. None of the guys ever won much money.

Now, the sport is so technical, good ole boys can't figure out what's what under the hood. Some of the guys have college degrees. What? Yep. Some do interviews without saying "fixin' to" or "ain't got a damn clue". It is un-NASCAR to not at least appear to be a redneck. Snap out of it.

Like the racing sayin' goes, "We don't come here to see wrecks, but if there is one I sure don't want to miss it."