Kinkaid wrestling duo producing great results

HOUSTON – For the last three years, things have gone very well for a pair of Kinkaid high school wrestlers.

“It’s just you and your opponent out there,” junior wrestler Colin Lawler said. “There’s no excuses and it’s just the truth.”

The truth for Lawler and wrestling teammate Noah Chan is they are champions.

But how did this duo find wrestling?

“I tried it once and I was immediately addicted,” Lawler said.

“I started back in 1st grade and that really got me into it,” Chan said. “I saw my big brother doing it and said ‘Hey, that looks fun’”

Fun and winning often go hand in hand.

Both have won three consecutive state championships and they feed off each other’s success.

“He’s definitely a confidence booster because knowing someone else is doing well in your area, really helps you know that the system is working,” Chan said.

Chan, who is 32-0, and Lawler who is 34-1, will compete at Prep Nationals in Philadelphia at the end of the month proud they’ve chosen as their sport.

“I’ve learned a lot of leadership skills and a lot about myself, too,” Lawler said.

“I’d choose wrestling a thousand times over football, over baseball just because at this point it’s been my life,” Chan said.