The big day is here

This is Valentine's Day. You knew that but did you know the greeting card,  candy makers, and flower growers of the world invented it? 

They did and while some thought it was a religious thing, others thought it would be a dandy chance to get radio hosts paid for delivering live commercials regarding their products. Tell me if I am wrong, but since I once benefited from this little known practice you would be wrong. I wouldn't argue with you on this BIG DAY.  I hear grown men hawking pajamas, little bears, and some chick named Sherri who must grow Berries by the ton.

Yep, candy, bunnies, flowers, diamonds, and berries. This holiday, which isn't a real holiday, was named for a few guys named Valentine. It may have begun near the end of the 3rd Century when someone named Valentinus became a martyr. The Catholic Church got it rolling and I suspect Martin Luther saw through the whole thing and started his own group. Two Saints name Valentine were beheaded. One in Rome and one in Vietnam in 1861. The Church in Rome discontinued the praise of ST. VALENTINE in 1969. One Pope was named Valentine but only served 40 days. He must not have ordered any flowers.

I know one thing about this day. Ladies can forget, but DUDES can't. I also know Bobby Valentine played ball. That is how I carefully brought sports into this effort.