Valentine's eve

I was putting up the Valentine tree when I realized the ROCKETS have already won 40 games.

That comes as no surprise to those who follow the NBA on a nightly basis. Football is followed on a daily and nightly basis around here and I just pay attention to the big boys in hoops when the playoffs start. Last season the Rockets didn't win their 40th until April 11th. The guys are one day short of two months ahead of last year. That is really something. Last season after KEVIN got dumped the guys struggled the whole regular season. The league took pity on them and had them finish the regular season against the Lakers, T-Wolves, and Kings. The NBA'S version of playing TRIPLE A hoops.  THE LOCALS won those three and finished 41-41.  They got the last playoff spot in the West.

I am betting they pass the 41 win mark this week. That last playoff spot last year got them what they deserved. A 1-4 record against the TOP SEEDED WARRIORS. So a grand total of 42 wins finished the Bickerstaff mini era and in came the guy who used to coach Phoenix and the Lakers. He had been an asst. with the worst team ever. No , not the WASHINGTON GENERALS, but close. The Sixers. Mike D'Antoni is the only coach in the league with dual citizenship. American and Italian. Some say he also has a passport from the old ABA since they invented his favorite thing, the THREE POINT SHOT.

I guess I will pay closer attention now that the Rockets have far surpassed last season. On Feb 10 of last year they were 27-28.  40-17 LOOKS a lot better. Keep it up and you might not get eliminated until the second round of the playoffs. It seems the Warriors and Spurs are pretty good again too.