City officials question impact of Texans in Super Bowl LI

HOUSTON – The Houston Texans could make history if they make it to the Super Bowl in their own city.

The tickets would be hot.

"It's gonna be a really big deal. I can't even imagine!" Sadejh Razavi said.

But what would be the impact on Houston?

"That's an interesting question,” Harris County Judge Ed Emmett said.

For months, organizers have counted the numbers and the dollars from fans who would visit from two different cities.

"Emotionally, everything for the city of Houston and this whole region would be great. Obviously, all of us would be for that. Economically, I'm not sure it would be that good. Because people already live here. They wouldn't necessarily be coming here," Emmett said.

The very thought of the Texans in the Super Bowl would be beyond exciting for Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner.

"It's a major deal for the city of Houston and if the Texans are in it, man, I'll lose my mind," Turner said.

At the Texans Grill in City Centre, fans warmed the seats as they looked forward to the playoff game against the Patriots this weekend.

It will be one more hurdle on the way to making history.

"I'm excited. I think they can beat the Patriots and make it to the Super Bowl," one fan said.