Talk show turmoil

I have done sports talk. I admit sometimes I was OK, but basically it was a pay check.

I did the early morning get up routine with co host Brad Davies on 790-AM. I also did my own show later in the day and was sometimes joined by my son. Cody Roberts was much better than I at this type of format. He was working as a coach and teacher at HISD , so he didn't have to depend on the screw balls who run the radio groups.

I had my adventures.

On my first day at 790 THE ASTROS fired Phil Garner. Phil didn't deserve that and I let the audience know it. I also replaced a guy who didn't deserve to get fired and then some one replaced me when I didn't deserve it. 

The early morning show is brutal. Wake up calls at 4 a.m. and then wondering how there could be so much traffic at 4:30 a.m. Clearing my throat became my first goal. I often didn't reach that goal.

Knowing many of the guys on the air locally, I can only imagine how sick they are of talking about the TEXANS. Same stuff day after day. I also can't understand no matter how many years go by the format is still the same. SELL A REMOTE at a sports bar and then instead of talking to those fans IN THE BAR, THE HOSTS TAKE PHONE CALLS?  HUH?  In one case a guy who was popular but is no longer on the air had a 6 year old ask for a picture. The HOST SAID "Not now kid, wait until the stop set". I grabbed the kid and the host and we took a picture. I don't even know what a stop set is.

I see where one guy who was here and left to be fired somewhere else is back and his ratings stink.Gee, imagine that. It isn't just local either. ESPN is celebrating it's 25th year of sports radio. In between ball games they must have at least 2,000 people helping them. I remember thinking IF I JUST SHOW UP that is prep enough. Don't get me started on what we did before computers. I no longer have the 5,000 media guides needed to answer some wise guy's sports trivia question.