The day after

It is the day after the build up. The decorating, the giving, the receiving, the wrapping, the food, the large garbage bags are all history. Except for the garbage bags.

Two WEEKS from now you'll not remember what you got or what you did with the decorations. It's Ok. You are not alone. As for my Christmas performance the following would be in the box score. He sent gifts to the kids in Georgia and mostly got them right but the wrong color showed up twice and an autographed book had the wrong autograph. My relatives were nice about it especially when I CORRECTED ONE Order and let them keep the thing I THOUGHT was wrong but will work.

Now to the disaster we called the Texans game. In your life, have you ever seen a team this lame that was won 9 and lost only 6? They may win Sunday in Nashville against the former Oilers and end up with 10 non inspiring wins. Along the way having beaten K.C. and Detroit. Tom Savage was less than average and Bill was feisty in the post game interview. He was ready for any negative question (there were plenty) and wanted to turn them into a positive but the paying customers knew what they saw. They won but you didn't have much fun. I AM GUESSING many ticket holders weren't ticket buyers. You got your tickets from people who didn't want to go on Christmas Eve.

Most likely the locals could win in Nashville and be the worst 10 win team. Or they could rest their stars (ok, that is a stretch) and just be happy to be in THE PLAYOFFS. I should be more Postive. I just can't.