Have a merry

Merry Christmas to all. I simply hope you and yours enjoy.

Of course, that includes the TEXANS led by Bill who might say "I don't comment on Christmas, our focus is the Bengals." "We have a great locker room complete with clean towels, plenty of soap products, and the guys all work hard and love EACH OTHER. On what he wants for Christmas?  "I CAN'T SAY because my focus is the Bengals." 

I AM SURE I took him out of context, but then my focus is on Christmas. I would go into detail about how the Rockets view the holiday but no one cares about the NBA in December.

I don't want to get into hard core sports as we approach the 25th, but ESPN made Duke's Grayson Allen look like a mass murderer. Allen is the kid who trips people for a scholarship. He needs help and it isn't fair to have radio talk hosts telling us what "They would do." IF some of the radio guys have done ANYTHING it's news to us.

Let's say Allen was a high school player. He would be kicked off the team. Period. But he is at Duke. A suspension was given. I know Coach K is the ultimate icon, but get the kid some therapy and I don't mean the kind the trainer gives.

That's it. Merry Christmas.