Cute kid wins the Jumbotron; crowd boos everyone else


DETROIT, Mich. – Sports fans love their Jumbotrons, especially if they're lucky enough to be put up on the big screen.

For one young Detroit Red Wings fan, he couldn't get off the Jumbotron even if he tried.

The cute kid was put up on the big screen at Saturday's Red Wings game against the Ducks. His infectious smile and mop-top hair got rowdy cheers from the crowd at Joe Louis Arena. Then the stadium operators cut to a shot of some other fans. The crowd immediately started booing.

So the operator put the child back on the Jumbotron and the crowd cheered wildly.

The gag kept going with the crowd cheering every time the young fan was displayed, and booing when anyone or anything else was on the screen.

The Red Wings won the game 6-4, and the child won the Jumbotron.

The best part is that the child was named the honorary first star of the game!