Daily Craig: Tenure rocks

HOUSTON – A teacher, and I presume a guy who can't be fired, wrote a neat column for the Houston Chronicle.

It is a column written every so many years by the academic side of a university grappling with the amount of money spent on coaches and sports teams. He works at the U OF HOUSTON and has written several books. He made good points about students having to pay fees years after they graduate TO PAY FOR TDECU and upgrades in other areas. He reviews Tom Herman's short visit to CULLEN BLVD. He even takes a shot at Tilman Fertitta. WAIT A MINUTE, PODNER. You better be careful.

What if the university's football team got invited to a bowl game in ... let's say ... Las Vegas? What if the academic critic wanted to go to the game and get a bargain room at a major hotel/casino? I would suggest the GOLDEN NUGGET, but then, one shouldn't bite the hand that gives alums discounts.

How in the world did the UH COOGS get an invite to LAS VEGAS?  Simple, the PAC 12 couldn't muster one more losing team to play SAN DIEGO ST., so they invited a casino owner's team.

I have an answer to the UH PROF'S major questions. When Harvard and Yale drop football I think the academics will be in good shape.P.S. Most of the major coaches salaries aren't paid by your tax dollars. In fact, none of the  $5.25 mill Herman will get next season comes from public sources.