Daily Craig: We are there

HOUSTON – It has reached a point that no fan wants to see reached. Texans fans know the Osweiler kid is in over his head. The offense has been dumbed down for him and he still can't get it.

We were surprised at how he looked in the loss to Oakland. He looked OK, not good, just OK. The attitude then was "Well, he wasn't horrible, so I guess that's a positive" said season ticket holders and fans who can't afford the tickets. The San Diego game had us back to normal. One of the worst defenses against the pass in the NF-Hell didn't allow a single TD to Houston. No. 17 got one in from the 2-foot line and that was it except for a couple of Novak boots. Horrible.

Don't tell the Coach that Brock stunk again. He is sticking with him no matter what. That also tells us the backup will never get in barring an injury to No. 17. In fact, Tom Savage must really be horrible. Although we may never know. Can you see No. 17 snapping out of it in Green Bay? The Pack isn't back but I bet they take the Texans apart. The script is simple. The locals can't score, and once behind by more than 10 it's over.

The fact the team is 6-5 almost seems magical. Oh, they were 6-3 and we couldn't believe it. Now we are believers and 6-7 is within reach the next two weeks. If you have someone on your shopping list you really aren't happy with, I have a solution. Give them the rest of your Texans tickets. They'll think you did them a favor.