Daily Craig: What a weekend for Houston

HOUSTON – We had it all coming off the Turkey Day "holidaze." The UH Coogs got it rolling by losing a game and a coach.

We knew head coach Tom Herman was gone but losing to Memphis took the team out of a decent bowl game. They will find out where they might go on Dec. 4. The coach took the dream job of his life, but did he take it too soon? Had he failed to comment for a few more days he might have been the Texans coach. Instead he'll do what he can on a $5 million plus salary in Austin. Despite the traffic in that town Texas beat out LSU and it wasn't close at the end. LSU offered the SEC but the coach settled for those wacky Big 12 members.

In the spirit of Fidel Castro's Cuba, UH failed to make players available to comment after Herman took the UT job. Now it's the drill the school is more than used to being involved in. The names of 40 guys will be tossed around for the head deal until someone says yes. As long as his name isn't Kim or Dana, they should be OK. Wait a minute, that Kim and Dana thing referred to the guys who came before Art. Now another Dana is in the running and he would leave the coal mines of West Virginia, if the price is right.

OK isn't describing the Texans. They were brutal Sunday. With :18 left and down eight points, I was surprised they didn't run Lamar Miller off tackle. Brock had three picked off and throw in a crucial fumble and four turnovers gave the game to San Diego. Not only did the Chargers win but when they got home it was two hours earlier.