Daily Craig: Coaches Hokey Pokey

The coaching rollercoaster is in full tilt boogie. The jobs are always in some form of disorder unless the guy has an unbeaten team like Kevin Sumlin. His Aggies are doing their best.Charlie Strong is coaching day to day. The BIG SHOTS IN AUSTIN ran the A.D. out a couple of years ago and now the football coach is getting all his meals TO GO.  Lose to Iowa St. and it is really over.  Ames, Iowa doesn't produce BIG 12 SHIVERS down too many spines. One big time pronouncer from ESPN called Austin a "cesspool". I just think it has way too people who think it's cool to drink craft beer. The city fathers passed an ordinance to ban BBQ SMOKE. THAT IS UN TEXAN and has dumb written all over it.

What will happen in Austin is what happened in College Station. R.C. Slocum is a hero. The guy got fired by the school. Austin is going to enshrine MACK BROWN. IF YOUR COACH is a winner why not keep him until he's ready to quit. Charlie isn't in that class but  he knows more about football than some guy writing a check so he can put on a sweat shirt and stand next to a cheerleader. Of course, that doesn't include BAYLOR. UH got rid of Bill Yeoman only to name a field for him and build a statue.

I DO WISH ONE THING. UH Genius T.Herman should have called Bill. Should have asked how to stop a triple option team. I believe COACH YEOMAN could have helpe