Daily Craig: It's an H-Town thing

HOUSTON – Tom Herman has it going his way. We all know that. He and the Coogs will be at Navy on Saturday. Normally I don't ever root against the service academies. You don't want a subcommander with a bad knee. You sure don't want a SEAL with a concussion he got in the game against U of H. 

However, I am convinced service teams losing doesn't really cripple their decisions should they spend the next six years in charge of some ship or aircraft. Houston has to win and win big. The triple option of Navy won't be that tough to deal with. "Scout 'em the first half and beat em the second." That old saying holds true and so does the fact that UH really has captured the city.

I guarantee more sports fans around here are convinced the only game left for Houston is Louisville next month. I also have seen and heard more fans on the Coogs bandwagon than the Texans. Hands in the air if you think Brock Osweiler will handle the Vikings.  I didn't see many hands except for one kid who has to use the rest room.

The H-Town Takeover gimmick is working. In fact, if the locals go on to take down Navy by a large margin, and they should, I bet I know the next rumor around town.

Yep, according to my source in D.C., Tom Herman is the next Secretary of the Navy.