Daily Craig: It's his back

HOUSTON – Many years ago I LIFTED SOME STUFF and my back went blooey. I did it right before my daughter's wedding. I was concerned I wouldn"t  make it down the aisle with the bride to be. I stopped for gas in Louisiana and customers were  betting the over and under on how long it took me to get out of the car. I know back aches. The wedding went fine and we set a bar tab record at the reception. My little girl is about to have her 3rd child and grandpa couldn't be more pleased. My back is fine and I will be avaliable for the TITANS GAME.

The guy you really want at that TITANS GAME isn't going to be there. Things are so bad with J.J. he was seen in a Chevy going to Kroger. I think he also is using solar power. Don't ask him to help your sister move or have him lifting D-9 tires. The MAN has a bad back. He will be replaced by those hoping to be somewhat as good as he is. As we are reminded by the HEAD COACH this is a team game. Yes, but more than that it is a PRIDE GAME. What about all those fans wearing 99's?

We will miss the WATT.  He seemed to defy those who thought a bad back would haunt him. He is now officially haunted. And so are TEXANS FANS.