Daily Craig: He's your man

HOUSTON – I don't believe there is any doubt. I am convinced he is the man for any possible job opening. Tom, Tom, he's your man if he can't do it, no one can.  I think that old cheer still works.

Tom Herman may already be the HEAD COACH OF THOSE BATON ROUGE TIGERS. Unless he accepts the same job with NOTRE DAME. Unless he takes the CHICAGO BEARS job or maybe does a Jack Pardee. He could go from the CITY COLLEGE to the NF-HELL without moving. Tom could have the TEXANS job if he really put out the word.

Yep, he is the go to guy for every major school or pro outfit with a minor league coach. He is also rumored to be  the next UN Secretary General. Goodness knows that team could use some inspiration. He could also be the next CEO of CBS Radio, but then he might have to talk to some of their sports guys, so that is out. I PERSONALLY would like him to coach the DYNAMO for a couple of years. At least we would know one name with that outfit. He almost got the ROCKETS job but backed out at the thought of hugging JAMES HARDEN before every game.

Bill Brown is almost done with the Astros play by play and I know Tom could at least do all the home games. Hugging Jose and Carlos wouldn't be that bad. I say let's give him all the jobs that might be open, especially the President's. GO COOGS.