Daily Craig: Oklahoma labors on this day

HOUSTON – In a shocking turn of events the U.of Oklahoma will drop from the BIG 12 and apply for membership in the AMERICAN ATHLETIC CONFERENCE. Citing their recent lucrative but futile trip to Houston, school spokesman Sparky Sooner said "sure we made well over $1 million for taking the team, the band, the cheerleaders, flag girls, and 50 high rolling alums to THAT DAMNED GAME, but it is clear we must keep that sort of revenue flowing EVERY SATURDAY "  Oklahoma has to make certain things clear to the AAC. Number one if the school is technically THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA, why is it called OU? That is something the English Dept. has to sort out and sort out quickly.

Bob Stoops and his brother Mikey COULDN'T combine their efforts to knock off SUPERPOWER HOUSTON. The school now thinks playing UCONN and NAVY will be the best way to go. "It will also be educational taking our team to LOUISVILLE too since we can show them where they make those big league bats. The team will also visit Churchill Downs, home of the famous British Prime Minister.

For it's part in all of this THE COUGARS will pick up OU'S previously scheduled game with OHIO ST. Tom Herman thinks he can pick apart any plan the URBAN MAN has to offer. Oklahoma will replace that game with LAMAR . The BIG 12 will add one more team to the conference by December. They would like a school, but a team will do.