Daily Craig: It happened again

HOUSTON – After over 40 years of covering the NFL I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Fans who either went to the first preseason game or watched it on the Texans TV Net expected to see a football game. We have to remind ourselves the preseason (it used to be called exhibition season) isn't a real NF-HELL game. That stopped many years ago. It stopped when players were told they could no longer smoke on the bench or take a leak behind the trainers table. The later has been known to happen even in these modern days. The first game that doesn't count is mostly made for TV and Radio advertisers. We get intense post GAME comments AND even those doing the commenting are crossing their fingers hoping their pastor will forgive them.

It costs real money and real uniforms are worn but that is about it. At the Texans post game the head coach was asked about his 58 year old punter. Really? You care about the punter? We also saw 37 players we didn't know were on the team.  I heard a talk show where callers were upset with the starting QUARTERBACK. I was just glad Houston had one. He will be much better when he has to be.

The next 3 pretend games will also bring out the fans. NRG will host thousands who will never get to see a real game . They got the company tickets because the boss can't believe he'd spend 9 bucks for a beer when the game means nothing. If your son is trying to make a living doing this NF-HELL thing then we give you a free pass. His story may be really interesting and that I get. Looking at the NF-HELL PRESEASON STANDINGS is something I WILL NEVER get.  Am I ready for some football? Yes, just not in August.