Daily Craig: No Mulligan

HOUSTON – Golf was back in the OLYMPICS and I am hoping Stock Car racing will be added for those who don't think Americans would ever lose the GOLD in that event. I WAS INTERESTED in how the golf was presented on the TEE HEE.  Of course airing it on the GOLF CHANNEL was a bonus. There is no ARCHERY or JUDO CHANNEL. All week I heard the various experts saying the same thing. They were convincing EACH OTHER that golf belonged. The fact that Brazil was the host was weird. It is not a golfing country and there are no public courses. There will be one when the women's tourney is over.

The last golf gold was awarded in 1904 at the GLEN ECHO CC in St.Louis. The individual gold went to a Canadian. George Lyon beat Chandler Egan of the U.S.  4 and 3.  The stroke play format had been eliminated after 1900.  The men also took the place of the women in the previous Olympiad. For those scoring at home that was the III Olympiad. There was no TV COVERAGE. No RADIO EITHER.  No one was reported to have yelled "get in the hole". In fact, hardly any fan yelled at all.

So, Justin Rose got the gold and later took his family home on their private jet. The Archery winner is still in line at the RIO airport hoping to get the lead cashier's job at Dick's Sporting Goods. FORE.