Daily Craig: We hardly knew ya

HOUSTON – THE ASTROS had one Carlos too many. They will keep the one they kept for years. The one they fired lasted 3 months too long. Carlos Gomez will not be remembered as a short term savior ala Carlos Beltran, but like the Beltran guy he will be boo material if he ever gets back to Houston. Carlos Gomez became the poster child for what's wrong with MLB. He made almost 1.5 million dollars PER MONTH and couldn't do much except screw himself into the ground when he swung and missed. He DID THAT QUITE FREQUENTLY. He lost track of fly balls this week and then lost track of how many outs there were and that  got the equipment kid packing NO. 30'S GEAR.

I am sometimes surprised when Astros do flashbacks on their broadcasts and I barely remember a guy who played here. That will be Carlos Gomez. A flashy player with a broad smile but somewhere along the way he lost his concentration. THE FANS LOST THEIR PATIENCE. It's been said an owner or a manager don't fire players or coaches, TOWNS DO.  Houston fired Carlos. Jeff Luhnow was only the messenger. 

Maybe Carlos will stick some where else. Do the Skeeters need an outfielder?  Nope, that's too close to his old home.