Rio de Janeiro prepares to host 2016 Summer Games


Rio de Janeiro – It's definitely crunch time in Rio.  Opening ceremonies are just three days away and there is still a lot of work to be done.

A flood of Olympic athletes is pouring into Rio De Janeiro as the city prepares to host its first Olympic Games.

“We love competing in Brazil," US Beach Volleyball star Kerri Walsh said. "We love the Brazilian fans. We love just the history and the culture here. So we have our game faces on, but our hearts are full."

Olympic golf makes a return to the games this year, and workers are busy getting the course ready for play.

Meanwhile, the finishing touches are still being put on other Olympic venues.

The International Olympic Committee president toured the Olympic Village to see if everything is ready for the athletes.

Upon arrival, members of the Australian team initially refused to move in, citing unlivable conditions. Construction is continuing as the days and hours until the Opening Ceremony near.

During the drive from the Rio airport to our hotel, there was a strong military presence lining the highways.

Armed soldiers in camouflage are a common sight here, with more security checkpoints than you can count.

Brazilian officials have said the threat of terror attacks is the number one concern.  The violent crime in the city has gone down in the weeks leading up to the Olympic Games as more than 20,000 troops deployed here.

 Additional security is coming this week, with 24-hour guards at the famous Christ the Redeemer statue.

Hundreds of officers will police the Brazillian favelas on the ground, and three surveillance blimps will have eyes on the city’s north, south and west where the Olympic venues lie.

About 500,000 tourists are descending on Rio for the Olympic Games, and the world will be watching!