Daily Craig: It's all over

Throw in the towel NBA fans. From what I can gather the 2016-17 SEASON IS OVER. The Warriors are playing unfair. They not only got KEVIN DURANT, they have lowered the home basket by one full foot, no other players can ever guard STEPH CURRY, and season ticket holders will get free goods including food, drinks, and pictures of STEVE KERR. Hard to believe after all these years one free agent signing would have this impact. I doubt if other Western Conference teams will bother to make the trip to Oakland. In fact, Oakland is now being renamed "San Francisco East." 

Friends who went to the same school as DURANT are disowning him. I think KD almost went to a class in Austin. He loved OAK CITY but a guy can only go to TOBY KEITH'S bar so many times. BRICKTOWN is out. CHINATOWN is in. North Beach replaces Splash town. His trips to Hawaii just got 3 hours closer. IT MAKES SENSE. The league will just not bother with next season. The Rockets resident genius, Daryl Morey, sort of got even by signing 2 guys from a LAST PLACE TEAM. Take that Golden ST.

i HAVE HEARD Jose Altuve wants to sign with the Warriors. He is quick and would never have to jump center. JJ Watt wants to go to the Warriors just to be a neighbor of KD. JJ AND KD. H-E-B will have to expand west. The Warriors have no idea what they have done.