Daily Craig: Calling our hoopsters

The roster for the USA BASKETBALL TEAM was made public yesterday. Naturally we were treated earlier in the month to those who decided not to try to win a gold in Rio. James Harden said no because he was still recovering from the ESPN showing of the O.J. documentary. He couldn't quite come to grips with the Kardashians starting their reality show shortly after the verdict. LABRON said he would only play if the games were moved to NE OHIO. Given the mosquito deal in Brazil that isn't a bad idea.

Carmelo became the first American to play for 4 U.S.OLYMPIC TEAMS. It is obvious he wants to play for a team that WINS something. That is unlike his current NBA TEAM. Kevin Durant will play because he may already be tired of hearing which team he will play for next season. Going to RIO isn't getting away from the media but it does get you out of Oklahoma City. Coach K WILL COACH his last USA team indicating he only has ENOUGH "Just For Men" left to get him through the 21st of August.

I am not complaining about who signs up to play or not, but Americans should win Gold in Hoops every four years. The roster is certainly solid especially with Jimmy Butler at one of the guard spots. He's from around here and it's good to have a Houston guy on the team especially when one of the guys who earns millions here wasn't inclined to help the cause.