Daily Craig: Who is that intern?

I am sorry Rice lost to LSU in the NCAA baseball tourney. If you watched, you may have noticed the ESPN crew seemed to mostly talk about LSU. Lyn Rollins did the play by play and he is employed by LSU. That might be illegal in some states, but not Louisiana. In any case it seemed to me RICE COACH, Wayne Graham, knows more about baseball than the law allows. His wife, Tanya, came to work AT CHANNEL 2 as an intern one summer in the early 80s. I remember our staff thinking she was very sharp in the baseball area. She looked pretty good too.

She told us she was dating a baseball guy. We figured it was a player. Nope, it was San Jac Coach Wayne Graham. Our intern turned into a person who bugged us constantly during baseball season. She called the scores in and pretty much demanded we put them on the air. Hey, this is a big league town. We don't do JC SCORES. OK, that plan didn't work. San Jac won almost all the time including 50 plus games for seven straight years. Graham was coach of the year all the time and his girlfriend turned wife wouldn't let up.

She led the charge to get her guy the RICE JOB. In 1992 he did. Her calls increased and before we knew it we at Channel 2 were being schooled by the coach's wife. I just wish her husband's team was still playing.