Daily Craig: Underrated is overrated

I heard the pronouncers on ABC call at least three players in the Golden State- Cleveland game "underrated." These guys included JVG saying that about Kyrie Irving. Irving isn't Julius, but he isn't underrated. He, and others in the NB-YEA are under appreciated or victims of no publicity, but underrated? No, not even close. The game also included the second groin hit of the playoffs. This one wasn't a kick but a grab. I should not be keeping track of such things.

I couldn't help but remember top moments of my covering the ROCKETS championship runs. I have covered all four of them and the last two were obviously the best. Talk about HOLDING ONE'S BREATH. The 1980-81 season was sheer luck. The Rockets featured the late Moe Malone telling us "WE WON, BECAUSE WE WON". That is still the most direct answer ever. His team won two of six and Moe took 119 shots. Akeem didn't have an H IN 1986. The two championships were long runs that worked out great for channel 2 since NBC had the finals both times.

I was asked once what surprised me the most about covering the finals. I remember sitting by the pool in Orlando taking some off after the Rockets had won game one. Reggie Theus was doing some radio work for ESPN and he sat down next to me with a lawn chair to his left. A very attractive woman walked up to Reggie, said something to him, and then stripped down to her underwear and took a seat. That was the surprise of that series.