Daily Craig: What a day

Art Briles was fired and Mike D'Antoni was hired.

The Astros swept a series and half as Houston flooded again. That was quite a Thursday. The Baylor reaction I heard was the entire staff should have been let go. However, that won't happen. Phil Bennett, the defensive guy, will be the interim. Names for the permanent job include the knee-jerk ones. Tom Herman of UH is one. For a conference that won't let the Cougars in, they sure seem to like the school's coaches. I remember being told Art Briles was the only coach on the Coogs staff that was both liked and respected.

As for the Rockets hire? I think Les Alexander must have said "yes" because D'Antoni reminded Les of Steve Patterson. You know, sort of a look a like. He is also "sort of" a coach. Rockets fans once booed the selection of Robert Horry when he came out of Alabama. Good thing the coach selection wasn't on live TV or THE HORRY PICK would not rank as the top BOO any more. I thought it had to be a joke when his name came up. It was like baseball years ago. Every time a job to manage was open PRESTON GOMEZ'S name came up IF THE RICK ADELMAN years were lame, wait until THE MIKE takes over.

And to sum up the day and night, the ASTROS set a record with 53 K'S for a three game series. The odd part of that is the ASTROS did it to the Orioles. That is not something Houston fans are used to seeing. However, we are very use to seeing it rain and we are really used to street flooding. That is almost as bad as being used to the Rockets doing dumb things.