Daily Craig: Air Conditioned

As a kid I remember the local movie houses touted AIR CONDITIONING as much as the movies they had showing. The theaters didn't offer HOT AIR during the winter. THE SUMMERS only had the advantage in comfort.

THE ASTROS should offer air conditioning as a bonus. Last night would have been a good example. They didn't score but it was comfortable. THE INDIANS seldom win in a treaty situation, but in baseball they have a better shot. Cleveland was the team featured in the movie MAJOR LEAGUE except the scenes for the movie were shot in MILWAUKEE. At least the town in Wisconsin has an Indian name.

The Astros didn't score any runs last night and have NOW lost 21 times. If you are scoring at home, and we hope you are, the team isn't living up to the pre-season billings in any way, shape, or form. I think the fans can figure it out and I don't have to give you any incite. The team doesn't make a serious run until school is out.

So you kids are to blame. We await your last day of school so you can fill the stands with screams and shouts of "let's go Astros". Your parents haven't gotten it done and it's up to you. Forget the stupid tests and cleaning out your lockers. Your job for the summer is clear. Bring home the bacon without spilling the beans. Remember, it's AIR CONDITIONED.