Daily Craig: Ok, now what?

HOUSTON – The week we dread is upon us. It's something I LIKE TO CALL, " the week we pretend to like something other than football." We pay some attention to college hoops, but only if our school is doing really well. If they have already lost 10 or more games you no longer read the stories or look at the box scores. You see an intriguing headline on the internet only to figure out 2 paragraphs into it the story is about the women's team. Not that the women aren't interesting mind you, but you didn't know the names of those on the men's team, so being tricked is your own fault. If you root for the UCONN women you are never tricked.

We will turn our attention in a WEEK to team's reporting to spring training. I have already been told by the Astros I can watch the equipment truck leave for Kissimmee. If I show up for that non event, please tell my wife I have gone looney tunes. Pitchers and catchers show up first, but the position players who really want to get out of the house will already be there. Kissimmee is home to the all you can eat 35 cent breakfast. The road leading to the ball park is LINE DRIVE. It's where carnival workers retire. However, for the first time in 9 years we really do find the start of pretend baseball to be a welcome sight.

It is also the week many pretend to be college or high school baseball fans. That is true if you are playing or have a kid playing. Watching a team meeting after every pitch isn't that great. ON a positive not, you sports fans can take advantage of the down time by studying for THE NFL DRAFT. The next major event in our sad little lsporting lives. I know what you are thinking. He didn't mention the Rockets. No, I didn't.