‘It’s our responsibility to give back to the community’: This company says no one should go without a mattress to sleep on

A man sleeps on the floor.
A man sleeps on the floor. (Elijah O'Donnell from Pexels)

Amid the year we’ve had, it’s not hard to imagine that many people have gone through hardships.

Between the global COVID-19 pandemic, the economic challenges and the death of loved ones people have faced, it’s been tough. For some of those people, it might only get more difficult as we near the holidays.

One of those hardships might be going to sleep at night without a bed on which to lay.

“A home is more than just the sum of furniture inside it,” said Sam Zavary, CEO of Exclusive Furniture. “However, everyone deserves to have something as basic as a bed to call their own.”

As a company that has been fortunate enough to continue business amid a pandemic, it is one that also believes because of that, it’s time for them to give back to those in need.

“(The owners) expressed their concern that even right now, in 2020, there are still a lot of people who are sleeping on the floor, so even though it’s been a rough year, they’ve been able to continue to service the Houston area, thanks to the customers,” said Carolina Chavez, the company’s vice president of marketing.

Exclusive Furniture created an initiative by teaming up with Sealy to give away 300 Tempur-Pedic queen mattresses to people who could benefit through the Merry Mattress Giveaway.

“We feel like it’s our responsibility to help those in need and give back to those in the community," Chavez said.

If you are that person, or you know someone else who is, the company wants to hear your story. Explain in three paragraphs why you or the person you are nominating is in need or is deserving of a new mattress.

“If we can provide that for someone, we know it can make a difference,” Zavary said.

The giveaway is open to all Houston-area residents, but there is a limit of one bed per household.

Entrants must send their paragraphs by Nov. 8 to this email address.

For more information and complete rules on the giveaway, click here.