Weather causes flight delays in Houston, across US

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - Dozens of flights were canceled out of Houston's George Bush Intercontinental and Hobby airports on Wednesday.

The snow storm that is slowly moving across the country is crippling airports. Ground crews are having a hard time keep with the de-icing process as well as the tedious task of clearing snow from runways.

Flights out of Houston were cancelled because the airports to the north are dealing with major delays.

Carole Hegenbargh is from Houston and trying to fly to Cleveland.

"Because of the blizzard conditions, the crews aren't able to move around so, therefore, the plane may end up with no crew here," she said.

Hegenbargh had been waiting for her aircraft for more than six hours.

Some airports were posting delays of more than two hours. As of 2 p.m. Wednesday, said airlines have cancelled more than 1,200 flights across the country and that number is expected to grow.

Already, some flights scheduled for Thursday have been canceled.

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