Vehicles damaged after U-Haul crashes through dealership

Police believe the driver fell asleep at the wheel

HOUSTON - Several vehicles were damaged after a car crashed into a west Houston dealership.

It happened early Tuesday morning at the All Star Motors on Highway 6 near Briar Forest Drive.

Owner Frank Obeid learned about the accident when he got a call from police.

"He told me the accident had happened and someone was driving a U-Haul truck and then swerved over the median and went in my lot," said Obeid.

Obeid said police told him the driver of a U-Haul fell asleep at the wheel. 

According to Obeid, as many as 10 vehicles were damaged. Some are consider total losses.

"We'll take care of the physical damage," said Obeid. "My first thought was, all of this damage and nobody was hurt? God must have been watching."

Obeid said the dealership has liability insurance for the vehicles on the lot, so now he's waiting to hear from the woman who rented the U-Haul.

Until all of the damage is cleaned up, the dealership is unable to open the front gates.

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