Running of the Bulls event coming to Houston

The Great Bull Run is set for Dec. 7 at the Royal Purple Raceway

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HOUSTON - The Running of the Bulls, which brings excitement and thrill seekers to the streets of Pamplona, Spain each year, is coming to the Bayou City.

Each year, hundreds run, fall and sometimes die running with the bulls in an annual tradition since 1924.

NBC News reported that Brad Scudder and Rob Dickens didn't think it seemed right that the only way to run with the bulls was to travel to Spain, so the guys are bringing the sometimes frightening event to 10 cities in the United States.

Thousands have already signed up at a starting price of $40 dollars a person.

These bulls that will be used are among the meanest on the professional rodeo circuit.

Unlike in the streets of Spain, there will be cutouts in the U.S. races where slower runners can escape.

The first bull run in the U.S. takes place on August 24 in Petersburg, Virginia.

The Great Bull Run in Houston is set for December 7 at the Royal Purple Raceway.

Other cities hosting the event include Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago and Minneapolis.

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