The wild reports from last month’s Texas Game Warden Field Notes

Texas sunset
Texas sunset (Pixabay)

The following notes were compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife law enforcement reports and published in a release. Here are some of the wildest reports from July 2020:

A-B-C, It’s Easy as 1-2-3

A Hamilton County game warden and Johnson County game warden were patrolling Lake Pat Cleburne when they conducted a water safety check on a pontoon boat that had three women, one man and two dogs on board. The boat had expired registration, no throwable floatation device and the captain of the boat had a freshly opened 16 oz. can of beer next to his seat. During the water safety check, the warden could smell alcohol on the man and noticed he had a hard time keeping his balance standing.  The warden asked the captain, “How much have you had to drink? Have you had anything to eat today?” The captain said, “I’ve had about 5 beers and I had some watermelon earlier.” The warden then asked the man to say his ABC’s and he missed several letters. During the standard field sobriety test on shore, the man said under his breath, “I can’t even do this sober.” The captain was placed under arrest for Boating While Intoxicated. He consented to provide a breath specimen, which produced a result of 0.182 g/210L blood alcohol content. The captain was booked into the Johnson County Jail.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

A game warden was traveling back to Bell County from Lake Travis when he heard several deputies, several volunteer fire fighters, Temple technical rescue and Starflight in route to a call near a river. The warden called the local dispatch for more information and learned that a minor was operating an ATV and went off a sheer 35-40 ft. cliff into the Little River. Additional assistance was requested because the terrain was difficult to navigate and needed a four-wheel drive vehicle. The warden reached out to another warden also in the area and they responded to the scene. Upon arrival, Temple Fire Department’s technical team prepared a repelling system pully system and various personnel from seven different agencies assisted in recovering the patient, two of his friends and several rescuers up the sheer 35-40 ft. cliff. Due to the excellent teamwork and communication the operation was successful, and the patient was transported to the hospital in stable condition with a few broken bones.

Strike a Pose

A Houston County game warden was patrolling Houston County Lake when he noticed a man in possession of a slot limit bass. The man said he was going to take a photo with the fish and then release it back into the lake. The warden asked to see the fish and when the man removed it from the live well, the warden saw that it was dead and beginning to turn stiff. Case pending.

Curiosity Caught the Cat