T-Squared: Okay, *this* is the best Texas Tribune Festival program ever

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A sample of the more than 250 speakers at the 2020 Texas Tribune Festival.

Back in June, we shared the general plan for virtual TribFest, the digital pivot from our signature in-person ideas weekend, made necessary by the coronavirus. We hinted at a month-long mix of live and pre-recorded programs, some free and some ticketed, some viewable one-time only and some on demand, mostly video but a good bit of audio — carefully curated interviews and panels, all streamed on your favorite device, exploring the impact of the year’s crises on this fall’s elections, next year’s legislative session, public and higher education, the economy, criminal justice, energy, and health care. The specific plan, we said, was a work in progress.

Not anymore. Today we released the bulk of the 2020 Texas Tribune Festival program in glorious detail: more than 100 sessions over those 30 days, more than 250 speakers, and enough thought-provoking, news-making discussions to get you through your worst bout of cabin fever.

Every TribFest is the best — you know it’s true because we tell you every year — but this one, our tenth annual, tops them all. Weirdly, it’s because of rather than despite the pandemic. Not having to travel to Austin over a prescribed set of days, it turns out, means saying no to an invitation to participate is nearly impossible. We could shoot for the moon, or maybe for the Zoom, as we built our speaker list.