McManus on 'police haters': 'We protect them. We defend them, and they give us the big F-you'

McManus addresses crowd at Coffee with the Cops

By Garrett Brnger - Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - With one officer dead and another injured in a Thursday afternoon shootout, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus had strong words for police critics Saturday morning.

Speaking to the crowd at a Coffee with the Cops event on the South Side, McManus said the shooting has "really impacted me and the department." It has also left him angry for many different reasons, he said.

"I'm angry at the police haters," McManus said. "I'm sick of the police haters. We protect them. We defend them, and they give us the big 'F-you.' And I'm sick of it."

Officers Miguel Moreno and Julio Cavazos were on directed patrol Thursday, looking for and trying to prevent car burglaries when they saw two suspects walking in the 200 block of West Evergreen Street.

As the officers exited the patrol car to contact the suspects, one of them, Andrew Bice, pulled out a revolver and shot both officers.

Cavazos was able to hit the Bice in the rear-end. However, Bice took his own life with his final bullet, McManus said.

Moreno succumbed to his wounds Friday morning. Cavazos is expected to recover.

McManus said the body cam video of the shooting was probably the toughest video he's watched in his career.

"I have never seen such evil, such calculation and such intent in a situation like that," McManus said." I don't know how that much evil can get into one person."

McManus said he has told his officers to be on their guard when they approach people.

"Expect the worst could happen because it could, and then deescalate from there," the chief said.

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