MD Anderson doctor accused of poisoning former lover's coffee

Documents show doctor caused serious bodily injury to fellow doctor

HOUSTON - Officials say an MD Anderson doctor accused of spiking a former lover and fellow doctor's coffee with poison has been charged.

The defendant in this case is so well-known that in a brief search, Local 2 found hundreds of videos of her online speaking about her profession.

However, probably cause, documents say, that Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo did unlawfully, intentionally and knowingly caused serious bodily injury to Dr. George Blumenschein.

The two were colleagues at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Charging documents said they were in a casual sexual relationship when, in January, at Gonzalez-Angulo's home, she gave Blumenschein a cup of coffee that he said tasted sweet.

When Blumenschein told her he liked his coffee black, Gonzalez-Angulo stated she had put Splenda in it, told him to finish the cup and then gave him another cup to drink that also was sweet.

Four hours after ingesting the coffee, court documents said Blumenschein exhibited slurred speech, poor balance and loss of fine motor skills.

After being admitted to the emergency room, Blumenschein was found to have nervous system depression, cardiopulmonary complications and renal failure.

MD Anderson, which employs both doctors, would only say in a statement to Local 2 that Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo is on paid administrative leave.

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