Victim’s family still searching for suspect in fatal pedestrian hit-and-run crash in NW Houston

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – The family of a woman is still searching for a suspect in a fatal pedestrian hit-and-run crash that killed their loved one on Aug. 19 in northwest Houston.

Isela Andrade was the victim, and her family held a news conference on Monday to ask the public to help them find whoever is responsible.

On Aug. 19, Andrade got into an argument with her boyfriend, got out of the car, and started walking home. Then, she was hit by a vehicle in 11500 block of West Little York Road around 4:20 a.m., and the vehicle fled the scene.

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“We’re a broken family. I’m a broken mom,” said Erika Rodriguez, Andrade’s mother.

She said her daughter wanted to do something with her life. She was an honor roll student, volunteered in her community, and donated blood regularly.

Police are reviewing surveillance video to try to find the suspect, but they do not have a license plate.

The family asked people if they know anyone that fixed the front right headlight on a white truck to tell authorities, or if they see any suspicious damage on a vehicle for them to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

Andrade also had one year left to graduate with her Bachelor’s degree.

Surveillance video below shows footage from the scene.

Authorities are not sure if the suspect’s vehicle was the first or second truck in the video.

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