ERCOT provides new web page for Texans to view current, yearly peak demand records

AUSTIN, Texas – ERCOT announced a new web page which will provide Texans with a view of current and yearly demand records.

The agency said the move comes as part of continued efforts to increase transparency into grid operations.

“The new Peak Demand Records webpage increases public visibility into current and past record-breaking demand on the grid,” said ERCOT CEO Pablo Vegas. “Providing updated, readily available information on grid operations remains a key part of ongoing transparency in our communications with the public.”

The agency said 10 new all-time peak demand records were set this summer. ERCOT set an all-time peak demand record of 85,464 MW on Aug. 10.

ERCOT set a new unofficial September peak demand record of 84,182 MW* on Sept. 8, surpassing the previous September peak of 83,911 MW* set on Sept. 7.

Prior to this year, the previous September peak of 72,370 MW was set on Sept. 1, 2021. Last year, ERCOT set 11 new peak demand records and surpassed 80 GWs for the first time ever.

The Peak Demand Records page will be updated with each new record. For demand records, ERCOT uses the integrated system load for the full hour. ERCOT does not count instantaneous loads for demand records. The unofficial demands reported during or just after an operating day are preliminary and numbers may change slightly as the data goes through the settlement process.

To view the web page, click here.

About the Author:

Christian Terry covered digital news in Tyler and Wichita Falls before returning to the Houston area where he grew up. He is passionate about weather and the outdoors and often spends his days off on the water fishing.