Ask 2: 25 minutes to get through FM 1960 & Eldridge? Why?

Map of current construction at FM 1960 and Eldridge Parkway (KPRC)

HoustonQuestion: 25 minutes to get through FM 1960 & Eldridge? Why?

Answer: According to the Texas Department of Transportation, this is a snapshot of the work on FM 1960 and North Eldridge Parkway:

  • What is the most recent timeline for the project?
    • TXDOT: The current estimated completion date for this project is May 2024.
  • What work is being done out there?
    • TXDOT: At present, the contractor has shifted traffic to work on the first phase of construction which includes installing storm sewer, temporary paving, and concrete paving on both FM 1960 and Eldridge Parkway.
  • Also, what are the parameters of the work?
    • TXDOT: The reconstruction and widening of 0.617 miles of FM 1960 and Eldridge Parkway intersection, including additional dedicated turn lanes at the intersection for both roadways, pedestrian facility improvements, traffic signal improvements, and drainage improvements.
  • Any advice for drivers in the area, or alternate routes to consider?
    • TXDOT: Jones Road is a good alternate route to bypass the area. Drivers heading northbound on FM 1960 can take the US 290 eastbound frontage road to West Road eastbound to Jones Road northbound. Drivers heading southbound on FM 1960 can take Jones Road southbound to West Road westbound to US 290 westbound.

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