‘He’s guilty. He’s absolutely guilty’: Some jury members share their thoughts after second mistrial in A.J. Armstrong case

HOUSTON – A judge ruled a second mistrial Wednesday after a jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict in the capital murder case against Antonio “A.J.” Armstrong Jr., who was accused of killing his parents in 2016.

The judge said the jurors deliberated for almost 18 hours and declared a mistrial based on the fact that it was manifestly necessary.

Eight jurors believed A.J. was not guilty and four believed he was.

“He’s guilty. He’s absolutely guilty,” one juror said.

KPRC2 had the opportunity to speak to some members of the jury about the decision.

“Everyone wasn’t just focusing on the actual facts, and they were just creating their own scenarios to eventually more people were like, ‘okay, I can see why you would have reasonable doubt.’ Everyone kind of had their mind made up, but it was very frustrating to hear everyone say, and I mean everyone say, ‘we know he is not innocent,’” one juror said.

A possible re-trial is scheduled for February. Armstrong’s attorney is calling on the district attorney to dismiss the case.

“We followed the evidence and stood up for Antonio Armstrong Sr. and Dawn Armstrong who were murdered in their bed,” Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said. “We appreciate the time, effort, and diligence of jurors as they were presented with all the evidence in this brutal attack.”

WATCH: Juror’s full interview with KPRC detailing the case and why some believe AJ is guilty.

Here's what they had to say

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