Gov. Abbott holds roundtable discussion, news conference on Texas economy

Gov. Abbott provides update in Dallas on state flood response (KPRC 2)

HOUSTON – Gov. Gregg Abbott held a roundtable discussion and press conference on Texas’ economy and jobs growth.

Port Houston Chairman Ric Campo and other energy industry leaders joined Abbott in the roundtable discussion in Houston.

“Texas is proud to be the nation’s number one exporting state for 20 years in a row, and we’re beating our competitors in other states because of the efficiency and effectiveness of Port Houston,” Abbott said. “Texas’ economy is booming, but our state—and Port Houston—could unleash its full economic potential if the federal government would get out of the way and rollback unnecessary regulations. I am proud to be in Houston today to continue working with energy industry leaders so that we may protect millions of jobs supported by our state’s mighty energy industry and beyond.”

The Governor emphasized that he will maintain Texas’ comprehensive support of the industry to ensure millions of Texans can keep their jobs. These efforts will allow Texas’ energy sector to unleash its full economic potential, according to Abbott.

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