The importance of plasma donation

Often overshadowed by whole blood donation, plasma is equally important for patient treatment, and amidst a shortage caused by the pandemic, demand is rising, according to Octapharma Plasma

The organization shared these facts you might not have known about plasma:

  • Plasma is a golden colored liquid in the blood that carries antibodies, clotting factors and proteins throughout the body.
  • Plasma is needed by patients to fight more than 300 life-threatening diseases and heal from traumatic injuries.
  • 1200 plasma donations are needed to treat one patient with hemophilia for one year.

In anticipation of International Plasma Awareness Week, Oct. 3-7, Dr. Claudio Sandoval and Shannon Bauer, a patient with primary immune deficiency and an Octapharma patient educator, appeared on KPRC 2+ to help raise awareness and share the benefits of becoming a plasma donor.

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