‘Exotic animals in cages’ a promised feature of nightclub to open in Houston’s Midtown

Babylon nightclub (Dylan McEwan/Jet Hospitality, Dylan McEwan/Jet Hospitality)

HOUSTON – A 6,000-square-foot nightclub called Babylon is opening in Midtown Friday and promises an attraction of “exotic animals in cages,” according to a news release from a Denver based nightlife group called Jet Hospitality that says it’s opening the club.

The club is located at 612 Hadley St. in the former Howl at the Moon space.

“Houston was initially the next natural step for expansions due to its inviting atmosphere and lack of luxe nightlife,” said Maral Pourarfaie, Jet Hospitality’s expansion director. “We feel as if we can really make an impact here and bring Midtown back as the destination it was once known for.”

“Houston’s newest nightlife attraction (is) fully equipped with exotic animals in cages,” the news release said. “Customers can expect an experience that will transport you back in time and immerse you in the Babylonian culture with interactive, and performance-driven evenings.”

A camel is shown on a chain tether in a video on the club’s Instagram page.

The Denver-based hospitality group said it is “set to shake up the nightlife scene with superior service, gold embellishments, a splendid Ancient Persian theme resembling the hanging gardens of the famous city of Babylon, and a house music haven.”

The news release continued, “Seating arrangements will be inviting to various groups of people, small or large, and bar seats will be available for individual parties. They will host in-house and celebrity DJs featuring a variety of genres. The space has been transformed to include tall ceilings and an inviting dance floor.”

“Babylon will lay the groundwork for what we’re trying to achieve here in Houston. Offering that unique but sophisticated experience you can’t find anywhere in the city,” said Pourarfaie.

Commenters on Babylon’s Instagram page have called for protests noting the inclusion of animals at the club.

User jaymarroquin wrote, “Plenty of fantastic places to go in Houston. Don’t support a (expletive) business like this that couldn’t give a care about a living animal.”

Another user, unepomme6 wrote, “@peta this is animal abuse. Expect protests.”

KPRC 2 has heard from public relations firm South House Public Relations which represents Jet Hospitality about the club’s opening. The firm released this statement: “Any and all exotic animals are accompanied by professionals outside of the nightclub and are never inside. They are fenced off where they have their own space and are not subject to being pet by the public. They are guarded and are there for viewing only.”

Friday evening, South House Public Relations said the Jet Hospitality it represents is different than a large chain that goes by the same name in the Northern part of the United States. The business not affiliated with this story offers alternative lodging options like glamping, tiny homes, and full feature RV sites in places like Washington, Montana, and Idaho and has no connection to the nightclub in Houston.

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