‘He was telling me to ‘Come here!’: 8-year-old says man lured her to his car in SE Houston

SE Houston neighbor’s quick actions stopped child from going further

One grandmother and her neighbors are on high alert after they say surveillance video shows what appears to be a man calling an 8-year-old child to his car. The situation happened Monday night.

Tina Morgan said her 8-year-old granddaughter Khannyn Smith was playing outside their door in a gated area of their apartment on Tanner Park Court when a neighbor said, a man in a white SUV, appeared to ask the granddaughter to come to him.

“My granddaughter was standing right here on my porch, and this guy literally pulled up to the front door,” Morgan said. “This guy could have literally taken her if it wasn’t for my neighbor. It can happen so fast!”

Marquita Daniels is Morgan’s next-door neighbor. She happened to be on her balcony that evening, taking a break from work, when she spotted an unfamiliar white SUV driving down the road. She watched for a while, she said, as the SUV eventually moved over to a parking spot right outside Morgan’s apartment where her granddaughter, Khannyn, was playing.

“I see everything. But I wasn’t expecting to see nothing like that,” Daniels said. “He swoops in right here, and I can tell he’s talking to someone.”

Surveillance video from her apartment shows the man appearing to talk from his window, open his door, and Khannyn walking up to his door.

Khannyn said the man talked to her from his car.

“He was telling me to, ‘Come here,’” Khannyn told KPRC. “I went to his car.”

Daniels could not keep silent. She screamed to Khannyn to getaway.

“’You don’t know him! Stop! Go back!’” Daniels recalled yelling at the child.

Now, Khannyn is safe with her family after running back, heeding Daniels’ command.

“Super thankful,” Khannyn’s grandmother said. “Thank God for you paying so much attention.”

Now, Morgan, Daniels, and their apartment neighborhood is hoping to warn other parents to keep a close eye on their children and to talk with their children about potential “stranger danger.”

“He just had to reach out, and she would have been gone,” Morgan said. The family has also filed a police report with Houston police.