Houston expecting thousands of refugees from Ukraine

Here's what we know

HOUSTON, Texas – Starting sometime in the next three to six months, Houston will become part of a massive effort to bring as many as 100,000 Ukrainian refugees to the United States.

In fact, Houston could lead the nation in bringing more than 5,000 Ukrainian families here, more than any other city in Texas.

”It’s our history. We have been the largest resettlement community, and that’s because we have lower-priced housing, plenty of jobs that people are capable of, and we’re a welcoming community”, said Martin Cominsky, President and CEO of Interfaith Ministries For Greater Houston.

Interfaith Ministries For Greater Houston already has plans in place to provide Ukrainian families, ravaged by war, with everything they need to start their new lives. That includes a permanent home in the way of an apartment, new furniture, food, clothing, healthcare, help to register their children in school, English language training, and job training.

“We want you to join up with a new family, welcome them, show them how to ride the bus, go to the grocery, take them to the children’s museum or go to the zoo, and introduce them to our community”, Cominsky said.

If you would like to become a volunteer with Interfaith Ministries For Greater Houston, you can click here or call 713-533-4900 to sign up.

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