Galveston restaurant owner raising money to support Ukrainians

GALVESTON – Gaido’s Restaurant in Galveston is raising money to help people in Ukraine.

Nick Gaido and his wife Kateryna said they are hoping to bring awareness to what’s going on in the country.

For them it’s personal - Katarina is from Ukraine.

“It’s taking a toll on everyone,” she said.

The last picture Kateryna Gaido has of her 13-year-old sister on her phone is of her sheltering in blankets in a bathtub.

“Right now, they’re mostly spending their time in their bathroom because they have to be away from all the windows,” she said.

Kateryna’s mother and sister are in Kyiv, where Russia has been dropping bombs since Thursday.

“It’s just agonizing to watch from afar and not be able to help,” she said.

Kateryna also has a friend in Dnipro, a city about three hours south of Kharkiv.

Anna Nosenko is taking shelter as the sounds of bombs inch closer.

“If I have to suffer for his empire to crumble and to finally fall apart so my kids will be living without this fear over some crazy guy, I will suffer,” Nosenko said.

To support his family-in-law and the people of Ukraine, the owner of Nick Gaido said the restaurant will be donating part of their proceeds and fundraising for the country until Sunday.

“People need to understand what’s happening over there is horrible and people need our help,” he said.

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