‘A father willing to lay down his life for his son!’: Video captures father protecting son from raging bull at Texas rodeo

A screen still of a viral video showing Cody Hooks and Landis Hooks at a rodeo in Belton, Texas. (Cody Hooks, Cody Hooks/Instagram)

A father’s love is on display in a video going viral out of a rodeo in Belton, Texas.

Bull rider Cody Hooks shared video of himself falling just outside the bull rider’s gate and, after his nasty fall, laying motionless as the bull rampaged through the ring.

Drawing close, Landis Hooks, Cody’s father, reportedly ran to his 18-year-old son’s side and covered his body with his own. As the bull got close, undeterred by the others who tried to distract it, Landis Hooks braced as the bull charged. Both were struck, but Cody was saved from the brunt of the bull’s head by his father’s body as the bull’s blow landed.

“Not one to post falling off, but big thanks to my dad @hooks.landis and the bullfighters last night in Belton, Tx could’ve been a hella lot worse. #blessed,” Cody Hooks wrote on Instagram.

You can watch the full video here.

The comments are great if you have a chance to read them on the post.

“A father willing to lay down his life for his son!❤️,” Bianca241 wrote.

“We are glad you’re okay! Rest up! 🙏🏼” texasprorodeocircuit wrote.

“That’s a hell of a Dad you got!” tonybreezy113 wrote.

“Saw this from an IG influencer and I just wanted to say you and your dad are both incredible human beings. This made me tear up as a mom watching your relationship and your dad’s love for you. Strong men! Glad you’re both okay!” afreerherman wrote.

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