Katy woman looking for justice after claiming she was drugged, robbed, and raped after night out

KATY, Texas – A woman from the Katy area is fighting for accountability and justice after she said she was drugged, robbed, and raped after a night out with a friend.

She said she hopes her attacker will soon be off the streets.

“There’s so many mixed emotions, and then you have to fight to get justice,” the woman, who did not want to publically reveal her identity, said.

She said it all started when she and her girlfriend went out Friday night and eventually met up with another friend and his friend.

“He came off as nice,” she said.

The man paid for their admission into a late-night lounge and then bought them both drinks.

“He bought two drinks,” she said. “And, he brought them back to the table.”

After that, she said she slowly began to feel woozy.

“I drank the drink, and I don’t remember nothing else,” the woman said.

Her home doorbell camera shows the man brought her home in her own truck, attempting to carry her inside. Eventually, the video shows the man going inside the house.

The woman said she had been drugged.

“The way I looked on my camera, the way I was walking, I was out of it. I didn’t even know I was at home,” she said.

She said she does not recall what happened that night, but later on Saturday morning, she realized.

“I wake up in my bedroom with my britches down to my ankles,” she said.

The outer wrapping of a male contraceptive was next to her.

“My tooth was broken,” she added.

Turning to her Ring video, she said that the man had gone in and out of her home and looked through her truck.

She saw that all four of her legally-owned and registered firearms were gone.

The Ring video, she said, shows the man taking the guns from her property and walking to the side of the home.

“Then, he gathers all the guns from the side of the house in a white trash bag [and] put them in the bag [in the] back of the truck,” she said.

Moments later, he appeared to be waiting for his ride.

When his ride arrived, the man was then seen taking the white bag from the back of the pickup truck and leaving inside his friend’s car, she said.

Now, she said she is dealing with the horrible aftermath of what happened.

“I did the rape kit. They gave me a boatload of medication, shots to prevent me from getting anything he has,” she said.

She says she reported it to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

The man, she said, has not yet been charged, but added that she wants him behind bars.

“I want justice,” she said. “Off the streets. Because there is another Friday coming up, there’s another Saturday coming up and there’s another girl out there.”