Bells for Abigail: 10-year-old cancer warrior honors Abigail’s legacy

HOUSTON – Devarjaye Daniel is a cancer warrior. He is 10 years old and has been battling cancer for nearly half his life.

He was diagnosed at age six.

“His mother had called, screaming out the bathroom, frantically... He locked on her with his arms and legs and was looking up at her and was slurring,” said Theodis Daniel, Devarjaye’s father.

“He couldn’t talk, he couldn’t do anything. And we just knew something was wrong. We learned that he had cancer. He had brain cancer and spine cancer,” said Demitra Johnson, Devarjaye’s mother.

It was a devastating diagnosis followed by years of treatments and operations.

Devarjaye’s father said his son has had 11 brain surgeries and he now has two permanent drains in his brain that drain into his stomach.

Doctors told the family his cancer is terminal.

“Hopefully, he’ll beat it. God has the last say so,” said Theodis.

“I just don’t know why this happened to him. But he’s very strong,” said Demitra.

During his cancer journey, Devarjaye has felt a strong connection to Abigail Arias.

He was not able to meet Officer 758 before she passed, but he has made it his goal to continue her legacy.

Devarjaye has been sworn in as an honorary officer by 10 law enforcement agencies, but he’s not stopping there. He wants to be sworn in by 100 agencies.

Freeport Police Chief Ray Garivey, the same chief who made Abigail an honorary officer, is spearheading an effort to help Devarjaye reach his goal.

When he put the call out, the response was overwhelming.

“If I could show you the emails. Yes, when, where, what time, and they have not stopped since,” said Garivey. “It will be a proclamation in his honor naming every agency in Brazoria County. It is gonna be a very special day.”

Garivey has organized a swearing-in ceremony at the Brazoria County Courthouse where 34 agencies will make Devarjaye an honorary officer.

That event is scheduled to happen on Wednesday, Jan. 12. KPRC 2 will cover the special ceremony.